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Private Clients/Families →

In today’s transient business environment, reputation has become impersonal, derived from a brand or a LinkedIn persona, rather than a relationship. Many of the clients we work with have been with us for decades. We’ve seen parents become grandparents and children become adults. We’ve attended weddings and funerals. And we will be committed to extending your legacy for generations.

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Business/Enterprise →

For over 25 years, the majority of our clients have been business owners. This experience allows us to understand the challenges you face in your day to day operations, and it shows. Our expertise ranges from business continuity to estate planning to 401ks and beyond.

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Texas ORP →

Choosing an ORP vendor can be difficult. We have expertise in the ORP field, and share this expertise with our clients every step of the way. Our partnership with Pentegra gives you the greatest array of fund choices from the nation’s most respected mutual fund families. As a Registered Investment Advisor, we give you independent, objective advice, transparent reporting and regularly scheduled meetings, to help you meet your investment goals.

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In the year 2525 Everything you think, do and say is in the pill you took today. -Zager and Evans, …

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Turn Out the Lights

In a recent New York Times article, Ruchir Sharma quoted George Goodman’s comments regarding the stock market bubble of 1967: …

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Rear View Mirror

Counting Backwards

During my annual physical, my physician has me count backwards by sevens to test my cognitive skills.  Being in my …

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About M.C. Byrd Wealth Management

M.C. Byrd Wealth Management was founded with the goal of assisting our clients in every aspect of their financial lives. We strive to provide the most personal service available, thus earning a reputation for excellence in our industry. For each of our clients we strive to help create financial stability to provide financial independence.

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