Tariff Talk

“There are certain industries which cannot now successfully compete with foreign producers because of lower foreign wages and a lower cost of living abroad, and

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The Ultimate Price

The financial business is a numbers business.   The jargon can make your head spin.  We have alpha,  beta,  PE, PB, PS.  The list goes on and on.  The numbers are

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What Goes Up Must Come Down…

Blood, Sweat and Tears belted these words out in their 1969 hit “Spinning Wheel”.   This year’s volatility has many investors feeling as though they’ve been

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A Growing Chorus of Caution

Bloomberg has been featuring articles this week that focus on the expensiveness of the market. In a recent article titled “Goldman Warns Highest Valuations Since

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Tax Cut or No Tax Cut?

The tax cut struggle isn’t just politics. Economics are at play. This graph from a recent article illustrates the problem perfectly: In summary, on

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Demographics and Documents

I have been blessed over the last thirty years to have long lasting relationships with my clients. I have been reminded many times by clients

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