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  • Rear View Mirror

    Counting Backwards

    During my annual physical, my physician has me count backwards by sevens to test my cognitive skills.  Being in my early fifties I think this might be overkill, but the doctor’s staff assures me they are establishing a benchmark. Counting backwards can be useful in …

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  • Federal Reserve Intervention

    I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends

    What makes markets rise and fall? Earnings, sales growth and potential should be the fundamental reasons. did a wonderful job in illustrating additional reasons for our current bull market run: our friends at the Federal Reserve. As we take this walk down memory lane, …

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  • Rule Number One

    Warren Buffett has a famous quote: Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget Rule No. 1. While this quote is so typical of Buffett’s folksy humor, it also points to the reason managing risk is important. Crestmont Research did a great …

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  • stock market volatality

    Jeane Dixon and Wall Street Forecasters

    The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable. – J.K. Galbraith I know I’m showing my age when I mention the name Jeane Dixon. A self-proclaimed psychic, every December her predictions would grace the covers of tabloid magazines across the U.S. …

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  • Stock Market Volatility

    This Is Not a Ronald Reagan Market

    With the recent Trump bump a number of commentators have suggested that we are in a Ronald Reagan market. They suggest that we will have a second wind to this market due to the proposed decrease of regulation and taxes coupled with a hefty infrastructure …

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  • The Risks of a Car Loan

    O Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

    No one helped Janice Joplin buy her luxury car. However if Janice were alive today she could get the car of her choosing through cheap credit. So much so that some folks are wondering if auto loans are the next bubble in waiting. The chart …

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  • stock market investing

    Markets Are Not True

    “Markets are not true.” This was the quote from the chairman of UBS, Axel Weber, in an article by Gillian Tett titled, “Investors are ill equipped for our unfathomable future”, in this last Thursday’s Financial Times. Mr. Weber went on to explain that investors need …

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  • Stock Market Volatality

    Sounding like a Broken Record

    Do you remember when your favorite record had that scratch that caused your favorite song to repeat the same phrase over and over again? At this point of the year, I feel like a broken record. On my blog on March the 3rd, I wrote …

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  • 6093690339 A09493f126 Financial Planning

    Reasons for Continued Stock Market Volatility

    The recent bounce in U.S. stocks has been welcomed after the tumultuous January and most of February 2016.  Does this mean that we will race back to the S&P 500 market high of last year?  Of course short term market forecasting can be a futile …

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  • 11431740684 7a83a4e13b Volatility

    Good Read

    The last two weeks can definitely be defined as volatile. The financial press attributed the volatility to China, the price of oil, and investor sentiment.  A number of people are not only questioning why China should move the US market but also why one should …

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