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  • Tax Cut or No Tax Cut?

    The tax cut struggle isn’t just politics.  Economics are at play. This graph from a recent article illustrates the problem perfectly: In summary, on a historical basis tax brackets are low but debt as a percentage of GDP is close to the previous peak …

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  • Demographics and Documents

    I have been blessed over the last thirty years to have long lasting relationships with my clients.  I have been reminded many times by clients that we started working together in my early to mid-twenties.  Needless to say we are all older. America is going …

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  • Jetsons


    In the year 2525 Everything you think, do and say is in the pill you took today. -Zager and Evans, 1969 The Austrian government took a big leap towards 2525 when they issued a 100-year bond this year.  Investors purchasing this bond will receive a …

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    Turn Out the Lights

    In a recent New York Times article, Ruchir Sharma quoted George Goodman’s comments regarding the stock market bubble of 1967: Those who leave early are saved, but the ball is so splendid no one wants to leave while there is still time. So everybody keeps …

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  • WWII Memorial Background 0

    Memorial Day and the Greatest Generation

    This last fall my wife and I took a trip to Washington D.C.  I am a museum-aholic so trips to our nation’s capital are always enjoyable for me.  The weather was outstanding and my wife and I were strolling down the National Mall.  As we …

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  • Eagles Life In The Fast Lane S 2 3

    Life in the Fast Lane

    The Eagles were right.  Life in the fast lane will make you lose your mind.  However, most people don’t realize it until it is too late.  This may be the case for people who have made investments on margin. If you aren’t familiar with margin …

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  • Beatles

    Will You Still Feed Me When I Am Sixty-Four?

    The Beatles released this song in 1967. In 1967, the average life expectancy for a male in the U.S. at birth was 67 years old. 64 years of age was old in the song and in reality. Today, life expectancy for an American male at …

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