Private Clients

At M.C. Byrd Wealth Management, we act as a personal financial officer to a wide range of individuals, including leaders in private practice, corporate executives or custodians of wealth.

M.C. Byrd Wealth Management was founded to manage the affairs of high net worth individuals in the 1990’s. From humble beginnings in Southeast Texas, we have evolved to meet the needs of a changing world, in the process transforming our business to become a trusted partner of successful individuals, families and their businesses in Texas and Louisiana.

How we engage with Private Clients

The nature of our private clients varies greatly. As such, we start with defining a client’s objectives, and then design a plan around them. Finally, we meet as necessary throughout the year, ensuring that his or her goals are being met.

Service Offering

Our service offering is built on a protocol of deep integration between disciplines. Clients may select the appropriate services for their needs.

Core areas of expertise include:

  • Wealth Management
  • Financial Management
  • Trustee & Estate Services
  • Family Strategy
  • Intergenerational Planning Family
  • Philanthropic Services

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