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Stop Worrying, Start Planning: Take The First Step To Build Your Financial Plan

In a recent survey, 63% of retirees wished they had done more planning before retirement.

If you’re like many retirement investors, you’ve wondered: 

  • if you’ll have enough to live comfortably
  • how much you’ll need to contribute 
  • whether your portfolios are too risky or not risky enough
  • how long your savings will last
  • whether inflation will erode your purchasing power
  • whether you need to save for long-term care

Unfortunately, many are reticent to plan because they feel like: 

  • they feel like they’ll have to talk to a salesperson who might prioritize their agenda over yours
  • everyone seems to give conflicting advice

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your financial future in retirement?

Worse, you feel like…

  • You have to talk to a salesperson who might prioritize their agenda over yours.
  • Everyone seems to give conflicting advice
  • Wondering if you’ll have enough to live comfortably?
  • Unsure how much to contribute to reach your goals?
  • Worried about your investments being too risky?
  • Feeling lost about how long your savings will last?
  • Concerned about inflation eroding your purchasing power?
  • Dreading the possibility of needing long-term care?

The Solution: Our independent, no-obligation Retirement Income Analysis.

What You’ll Get:

  • A Personalized Retirement Income Blueprint:
    • Identify your dream retirement lifestyle.
    • Analyze potential income sources (Social Security, pensions, investments).
    • Model various scenarios to see how your income might last.
    • Explore strategies to maximize your retirement income.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing you’re on track for a secure and comfortable retirement.
  • Clarity: Understand your options and make informed decisions with confidence.

Please select a time slot that works best for you in the calendar below. You should receive an email confirmation once appointment is scheduled. If you have any difficulties, please call the following phone number: 832-835-6403

The most important thing is to be able to prioritize and do the important things first.

The M.C. Byrd Wealth Management Solution

Tired of generic retirement advice that doesn’t address your unique needs? At M.C. Byrd Wealth Management, we take a personalized approach to planning your golden years. Our Retirement Income Analysis goes beyond simple calculators and projections. We delve into your specific financial situation, including income sources, investments, and lifestyle goals. Through collaborative discussions, we’ll craft a Retirement Income Blueprint that outlines:

  • Sustainable Income Strategies: Discover how to maximize your Social Security, pensions, and investments to create a reliable income stream throughout retirement.
  • Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Review: We’ll analyze your current investments to ensure they align with your risk tolerance and retirement timeline.
  • Inflation Protection Strategies: Learn how to safeguard your purchasing power against rising costs of living.
  • Long-Term Care Planning: We’ll explore options to address potential long-term care needs without jeopardizing your retirement savings.

Tired of Sales Pitches? Unlike some financial advisors, we’re fiduciary advisors legally bound to prioritize your financial well-being. We receive no commissions on investment recommendations, ensuring our advice remains objective and unbiased. Our fee-based structure provides complete transparency into our costs.

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve helped countless Katy residents navigate the complexities of retirement planning. We understand the local market and can tailor your plan to your specific cost-of-living considerations.

Don’t Settle for Generic Advice: Get a personalized Retirement Income Blueprint designed specifically for your financial journey. Schedule your free consultation today!


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