Texas ORP

What is Texas ORP?

Texas Optional Retirement Program is the professor’s alternative to the Texas Teacher’s Retirement System.

While many vendors are available in Texas ORP, our independence as a registered investment advisor allows us access to a wide range of funds. By building portfolios using third party research services like Morningstar for fund selection, we strive to avoid bias towards any particular vendor.

As an ORP client you will experience meetings at a frequency you desire in addition to complimentary financial planning encompassing your whole financial picture. For a more detailed look at our service experience, please visit our home page.

Questions to Ask an ORP Provider

  • Who chose your fund offerings? Do you have an independent process for picking funds such as Morningstar?
  • How often is my account reviewed for performance, asset allocation, etc.?
  • Are your fund offerings mainly proprietary within a fund family?
  • Do you have a replacement fund available if my funds fall out of favor? For example, some fund families only offer their proprietary mutual funds, meaning they probably won't fire themselves for poor performance.
  • How often will you meet with me to review my account?
  • Do you have a dedicated staff person that works with you to service your account?

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