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M.C. Byrd Wealth Management’s 401k arm does business as The 401k Shop. Founded over a decade ago The 401k Shop gives independent retirement plan advice to the qualified plan market with a focus on service. We use Retirement Plan Advisory Group to screen more than 100 provider platforms on 400 data points, in addition to screening over 25,000 funds on a simple 10-point scoring system. For a brief introduction, watch our video:  

The 401k Shop's Process Focuses on Four Different Elements.


Proper investments are one of the catalysts to a successful retirement.

The 401k Shop partners with plan sponsors  in an effort to fulfill our goal to provide the best possible retirement outcome for their participants. Here are some of the tools we bring to the table:


Compliance is always taxing, especially when you have so much on your plate.

We take the stress out of retirement plans by assisting the trustee in their responsibilities. Through our partnership with Retirement Plan Advisory Group, we offer a standardized fiduciary system and a 57 point compliance checklist, including issues like: 


Plan design is the foundation for a successful retirement plan.

As such, it should be reviewed on a periodic basis to make sure that the plan is in line with the goals of the company and the participants. Here’s how we help you evaluate your plan design: 


Are your participants retirement ready? If they don’t know, plan communication can be improved.

We use communication to educate participants on retirement readiness. Here’s how we help educate participants: 

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