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A blog dedicated to commentary on the major economic issues of our day. Monetary policy, demographics and overall market conditions are just a few of the items that will be addressed in the blog.

My name is Monte Byrd and I have provided investment and financial advice to individuals and families for over twenty five years.

My clients are typically people who are either in the final stages of their careers or they have already embarked down the road of retirement. We help them transition from a focus on saving to using their funds in retirement.

We recognize that each client is unique. They have not only unique goals and interests. They also perceive the markets and risk through their own unique filter or lens. Our philosophy is to recognize and appreciate each client on an individual basis in developing a plan and portfolio. As our clients relationships deepen and the economic landscape changes, we reassess those plans as clients move through different life stages.

In today’s world, the economic landscape can change quickly. Our goal of the blog is to communicate our perspective on the big events that shape our economy.

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