The Ultimate Price

The financial business is a numbers business.   The jargon can make your head spin.  We have alpha,  beta,  PE, PB, PS.  The list goes on and on.  The numbers are supposed to communicate risk and opportunity.  In fact, all numbers are communicative.  They represent something.  A checkbook balance represents limitation or freedom.

As we celebrate Memorial Day weekend,  a number of newspaper articles will deal with the economic benefit of Memorial Day.  Miles traveled,  hot dogs cooked,  hotel/motel tax will all be quoted.  However, there are other numbers that are far more important to be quoted and remembered.

They are as follows:

American Revolution       4,435

War of 1812                        2,620

Indian Wars                       1,000

Mexican War                      13,283

Civil War                             498,332

Spanish American War   2,446

World War I                       116,516

World War II                      405,399

Korean War                        54,246

Vietnam War                      90,220

Desert Storm                      1,948

Global War on Terror       6,952

The numbers represent the totals of those who fell in battle as well as those servicemen and women who lost their lives off the battlefield.

The numbers represent the price that was paid so that our way of life and freedoms that we enjoy can be sustained and enjoyed by future generations of Americans.

Numbers are communicative and these numbers say a lot.

Happy Memorial Day to all.

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