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  • stock market volatality

    Jeane Dixon and Wall Street Forecasters

    The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable. – J.K. Galbraith I know I’m showing my age when I mention the name Jeane Dixon. A self-proclaimed psychic, every December her predictions would grace the covers of tabloid magazines across the U.S. …

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  • Stock Market Volatility

    This Is Not a Ronald Reagan Market

    With the recent Trump bump a number of commentators have suggested that we are in a Ronald Reagan market. They suggest that we will have a second wind to this market due to the proposed decrease of regulation and taxes coupled with a hefty infrastructure …

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  • Perception vs. Reality

    If you had been living off the grid since January and just turned on the television, you might be led to believe we are in the middle of a roaring bull market. There are plenty of pundits who say that the market still has room …

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  • Stock Market Volatality

    Sounding like a Broken Record

    Do you remember when your favorite record had that scratch that caused your favorite song to repeat the same phrase over and over again? At this point of the year, I feel like a broken record. On my blog on March the 3rd, I wrote …

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